Seeds from Calendula & Basil

Fall Herb Seeds_3675

It is November in Illinois and my calendula flowers are still blooming! [But not for long–we have snow coming soon.] I continue to gather them for drying, but I am also gathering some seeds. Calendula self-seeds and the flowers have come back from last year, same spot. Next year I want to plant more in large pots. So I am saving seeds from flowers that have turned to seed. The calendula seeds are like a partial spiral with a ridged surface.

Calendual Seeds

Basil is another annual plant with seeds that are easy to gather. During the summer I am continually pinching the flowers back so it doesn’t go to seed. I want to gather the herb. But now all the vibrant green leaves have withered and the brown seed pods are left. Is there anything in the twigs with a little ruffle?  When the ruffles are crunched between fingers little black seeds pop out.

Basil seeds

Next April I will start some basil and calendula plants inside, and then plant them out in mid May. I save the seeds in little plastic containers, but envelopes would work also.

Update on 1/17/14: The seed catalogues are arriving and I have seen additional varieties of calendula. I will add at least one more variety to my yard–and one more variety of basil. I love these herbs. (Even though I consider calendula a herb, it is included with annual flowers in the catalogue.) Are you mesmerized by the seed catalogues, like me?

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2 thoughts on “Seeds from Calendula & Basil

  1. Thanks for sharing on the Backyard Farming Connection hop. Sweet photos – something about plant parts close-ups – so beautiful. I saved coriander seeds this year, making a mess all over the floor in the process. Next year I will have to refine my procedure, LOL! Happy gardening.

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