Fateful Anniversary

January 22 is the anniversary of the Supreme Court Decision, Roe v. Wade. Some are celebrating this decision that gave women the legal right to choose abortion. People in favor of this decision sometimes term it as “a choice to have control of one’s body”.

Jill Stanek is encouraging a discussion about this choice. What is the actual choice? A choice to control one’s body . . . a choice to have sexual freedom . . . a choice to decide who dies . . . a choice outside of the village?

Some choices are extolled without considering the consequences. Other choices are overruled by the HHS mandate. The trend is for personal sexual freedom and pleasure. How does it play out?

In the current culture women and men can chose to engage in casual sexual relationships.  Men enjoy freedom from commitment. All are deceived into believing they have rights without responsibility or sequelae. And this has led to an explosion of sexually transmitted diseases, leading to genital pain and risk of cancer. Should our government enable this choice?

The results of choice for sexual freedom aren’t limited to the individual but extend to relationships.  After Roe v. Wade the divorce rate climbed significantly. The table below shows the number of divorces per 1.000 couples.

Divorce rate by year

It is true that women have been abused. It is true that women have become pregnant while  experiencing difficult circumstances.  After 40 years can we say that the legalization of abortion has been the right remedy?

The President of Illinois Planned parenthood was quoted in an article in our local paper. She mentioned how far we have come with safe and legal abortions. Yet, abortion is a violent procedure. A woman died at a Planned Parenthood Clinic in Chicago this past year.

Think about the impact on health, marriage and family. Can the choice of abortion be considered a victory for women?

Educated people thought that the provision of the birth control pill and then abortion would eliminate unwanted children. If sexual pleasure is freed from concern about pregnancy marriages should be happier. Right? According to the National Marriage Project that isn’t true. Since 1970 the number of couples reporting that their marriage is very happy has declined. In fact marriage has declined.

Despite the availability of birth control and abortion, the rate of babies born to single women has increased. In the Bronx of New York 70% of births are to single women.

Eventually the choice for sexual freedom brings increased medical costs– treating sexually transmitted diseases and cancer, researching and providing new vaccines for these diseases. It also affects the life and care of children.

“Choice” has allowed the loss of 55 million lives in the United States. The irony is that infants of the same gestational age as those aborted are receiving intensive care in neonatal nurseries. Why are only some babies chosen to live?

Our government has chosen to add the HHS mandate to the health care bill. Will passing out free contraception (including abortifacients) to young women reverse the trend of disease and fragmented families? Why does our “Health” and Human Services Department force companies to forfeit their choice to support life according to Biblical wisdom? What about the choice made by Hobby Lobby—should this company be fined for supporting life? What about the choice made by Wheaton College?

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7 thoughts on “Fateful Anniversary

  1. wow what an honor to ready your story. and what an incredible event you heepld to host. i know that was an outlet for so many women to grieve but be reminded that God makes beauty out of ashes. i sooo wish we lived near you to experience your photography gift. i am a friend of Kathy McClelland’s and was just looking at her pictures and then was peeking around your website. i love your heart. i love what you do. and i LOVE the name illuminate. i have a feeling the Jesus in you does that during every photography session you have blessings to you!

  2. The testimony of our awmseoe God never fails to excite me beyond my wildest expectations! Your testimony of God’s Amazing Grace and Holy Love is beyond the ability to articulate thank you for sharing. The pictures that you posted brought tears to my eyes as I am so grateful to God that I did not allow the normal etiquette of being late stop me from a divine appointment of my healing from my awmseoe God! When I saw the photographs of the stones in the beautiful glass vase, I wept and I still weep knowing that my shameful secret is no longer a secret. It has been exposed into the glorious Light of Christ Jesus’ healing! Thank you for posting this on your blog I am so grateful to God for you and your beautiful family!Love with God’s Great, Eternal, Unfailing Love Teresa

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